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Alliance Custom Armory can Provide any of the Following Services to suit your needs

Gunsmith Services

Blueprint Remington Action & Lap bolt lugs             $200.00

Recrown barrel                                                           $50.00 

Bed recoil Lug                                                             $50.00

Skim bed aluminum block or pillars                            $75.00

Glass Pillar bed wood stock                                     $200.00

Install Trigger                                                 $50.00 + trigger 

Muzzle Brake Installation                             $200.00 + Brake

Rebarrel your gun (700, A-Bolt, etc.)          $400.00 + Barrel

Rebarrel your Savage (with pre-fit)             $100.00 + Barrel

Cerokote any rifle                                                       $200.00 

Barreled Actions

Muzzle Brake Installations

Cerokote Oven

Other Services

Load Development

Ballistic Profiling

Barrel Break-ins

Scope Mounting



Call for details.

Where to Find Us:

Alliance Custom Armory
18 South Broadway St.
P.O. Box 48
Columbia, SD 57433

 Brent: 651-245-5300

 Chris: 612-201-8023

What's New

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Earn $100 in Alliance Bucks for every referral resulting in a rifle sale. Redeemable on any purchases of $1000.00 or more.

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We now are dealers for:

Huskemaw Optics


Jewell Triggers

And many more!

We still have many things to be added to our site. So be sure to check back soon! Thanks for visiting.

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