7mm custom rifle
7mm custom rifle
Alliance Custom Armory
Alliance Custom Armory

Custom Rifle Packages


Designed for Long Range hunting, these rifles are built on our custom long or short actions and are available in all calibers.

Ultimate LT

Designed to be a light weight Long Range hunting rifle, these rifles are built on our custom actions and are offered with super light weight stock options. Available in all short and long action calibers.

Ultimate Carbon

Built with a Carbon Fiber barrel, and offered in any of our action sizes, this option is designed to lighten and enhance any rifle package.

Ultimate TACtical

Designed to provide superior accuracy for a tactical or competition application, or just an all around comfortable shooting rifle that looks awesome! Offered in all short and long action calibers.

Ultimate XTreme

Designed for Xtreme Long Range shooting, these are the Beasts of our rifle line. Offered in 300 Norma Mag, 338 Lapua, 375 CheyTac, and related calibers. (CheyTac is a registered trademark of CheyTac USA, LLC.  Alliance Custom Armory is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by CheyTac USA.)

Ultimate Remington

Built on a blueprinted Remington action, this package is offered with many of the same options as our custom line of rifles.



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