Alliance Custom Armory
Alliance Custom Armory

Alliance Custom Armory can Provide any of the Following Services to suit your needs

Gunsmith Services

Blueprint Remington Action & Lap bolt lugs             $250.00

Recrown barrel                                                           $50.00

Mini M-16 extractor in Rem bolt                               $150.00

Bed recoil Lug                                                             $75.00

Skim bed aluminum block or pillars                          $100.00

Aluminum Pillar bed wood stock                               $250.00

Install Trigger                                                 $50.00 + trigger

Thread Muzzle                                                          $100.00

Timed Muzzle Brake Installation                  $150.00 + Brake

Self-timed Muzzle Brake Installation           $100.00 + Brake

Rebarrel your gun (700, A-Bolt, Win, etc.)   $250.00 + Barrel

Rebarrel your Savage (with pre-fit)             $100.00 + Barrel

Cerokote any barreled action                                    $200.00 

Barreled Actions

Muzzle Brake Installations

Cerokote Oven

Other Services



Where to Find Us:

Alliance Custom Armory
28637 Rostad Trl
Underwood, MN 56586


 Chris: 612-201-8023

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