shooting school
shooting school
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Alliance Custom Armory's Long Range Shooting School

Are you and your buddies looking to learn how to shoot Long Range? Are you sick of seeing that big buck just out of your range? Are you tired of missing because your rifle isn't up to the task? We can help with that!

Alliance Custom Armory can tailor a shooting school for your needs.  If you have a place to shoot to whatever distance you want to shoot, we can provide the instruction, ballistic profiling, and the actual range time to get you hitting the target from further than you thought possible.


The instructional portion of the school will cover the following topics:

  • what makes an accurate rifle
  • the importance of consistant and efficient ammo
  • what is the ballistic coefficient
  • what kind of scope do I need to shoot long range
  • the importance of a rangefinder
  • how to deal with trajectory and wind drift
  • the importance of shooting position and technique


In the ballistic profiling portion, we will take a closer look at your specific rifle, scope, and ammo and develop a ballistic profile for your rifle/ammo combination.  This will allow us to make an educated guess when we try a long range shot out on the range.


Finally, in the range portion of the school, we will verify zero and accuracy potential at your zero range.  We will then shoot to either the rifle's or the range's limitation and fine tune the ballistic profile.


Class sizes from 1 to 5 can be accommodated.  Our rifles will be available to shoot as well as determining the viable range of your rifle.  You will come away with a new confidence in your ability to shoot to your rifle's limits!


Call for details and pricing!


If any paying class attendee decides to order a rifle, all student fees can be forwarded toward the cost of the rifle.



Where to Find Us:

Alliance Custom Armory
28637 Rostad Trl
Underwood, MN 56586


 Chris: 612-201-8023

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