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Our attention to service and quality has made us a growing company with a satisfied clientele.  The bulk of our business is through referrals, so satisfied customers is what we strive for.  At Alliance Custom Armory, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations!  With our wide range of products and services, you're sure to get exactly what you're looking for!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

5-shot 1/2" MOA, 4-shot 5/16" MOA.  My first 3 shots were near inside of each other.  Tried to stay calm for the last 2.  This will easily put me out past 2000 Yards! 

Thanks Chris

Nick H.

"Shot this bull at 768 yards in Texas with my custom 7mm Rem Mag.  Thank you for building me the best rifle I've ever owned."

Frank B.

"First 5 shots went 1/2 MOA.  Awesome rifle!"

Eric P.

"Thumbs up to Alliance, best rifle ever made.  I will be ordering more!"

Justin D.

"Alliance took meeting my needs and wants to a whole new level with these guns!"

Brady M.

Like many shooters, my go to cleaning chemicals were Hoppes when it came to cleaning my rifles and pistols. And why not? One can find Hoppes on the shelves of every sports store or any department store with a camping and hunting section. After talking with Chris at Alliance Custom Armory, he convinced me to give the Bore Tech chemicals a try. So I bought a kit and headed to the range with a friend to break in a rifle. I was blown away! After only six passes with the patches, one could see only the slightest hint of gray. Even after breaking in the barrel and doing a good 15 rounds, the Bore Tech C4 cleaner was clearing out the carbon build up in less than 10 passes of the patches. This is something I have never been able to achieve with Hoppes. Even the Copper cleaner was amazing. Every time I sent a patch down the barrel, it looked like smurf’s blood on the other end.


Out of curiosity, I took a rifle that I had previously cleaned with Hoppes out and started to run Bore Tech’s C4 cleaner down the barrel. The patches were coming out black. That sold me right there. I will never buy anything but Bore Tech again and I already have three of my shooting friends converted. Hands down, it is the best chemical out there.


Travis K.

Visalia, CA



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